The online divorce filing method in Texas

Divorces are increasing day by day. They are very hectic and also divorces are costly enough. The hourly fee of a lawyer itself can prove to be very expensive. Then there is other activity fee also when you are applying for a divorce in the court room. Now days there are more than one way to get a divorce which will cost less than a court room divorce. You can opt for a do it yourself divorce but you will need more time to do it as you will require thorough study. There is smother kind of divorce that exists in Texas which does not require much time or going to the church. This is the online divorce system that is gaining popularity day by day.

Follow these steps to get an easy divorce in Texas through online.

In this new century where the whole world works on the Internet it is quite natural that getting a divorce through online should be made legal. There are many states that allow you get online divorce and Texas is one of them. Here are the steps to get online divorce new Texas.

  1. First you need to create a petition for your divorce. To access the form for filing divorce you can either access it from the court house of your country or you can also access it from many websites. After doing thus you can download the form and fill it in by hand or you can retype the form in Word document form. There also certain Internet options available which you can use it and save it on your computer in the form Pdf file format. Divorce is never easy but this online process can make it easier.
  2. Now all you need to do is take out a print out of the dorm which is the petition that you have filled up. Then you need to sign the form where it is indicated and then scan the petition form with your signature and create a Pdf file. Then you need to save the Pdf file.
  3. After this you need to find yourself an electronic filing service provider and register yourself with that provider. Go through the official website of Texas that gives a full list of providers that are acceptable. Select a provider from this list and register yourself with that. Once you register it will automatically register yourself with the electronic filing system to Texas.
  4. Once you have registered yourself you need to log on to that service provider that you have selected. The provider will ask you about your identifying information about your case and also about the court you would prefer and the county to file the divorce.
  5. Now you can upload the divorce petition to the service provider and click on the submit button. The service provider will ask you to set up your credit card information that will take care of the fee structure or you can also set up an account that will permit you to do periodic billings. Then you will receive an email that will confirm that the service provider has filed the petition like.
  6. You have to now save the filed petition after the Texas’s electronic system has returned an emailed copy to you. This will contain a stamp from the court. Then you just need to print this out and then use it as the official copy for service on your spouse.

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